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Annual Calendar

PICT3646 Custom is prepared to offer up to 17 holiday weeks between November to July every season.  (Excluding time during the Thanksgiving and Christmas weeks.)

Weeks will be arranged based on lifestyles and age group preferences. welcomes between 8-25 guests each week, with 2-6 villas being occupied.  If there is enough demand, certain lifestyle categories may be offered in addition and simultaneously during scheduled weeks.

Once the completed profiles have been received and analyzed by, the full populated annual calendar will appear.  But first we must process all guest profiles, with your ages, feedback and requested travel dates.

There will be a week for everyone at a time most convenient for travel to the Virgin Islands!  For now, we are compiling the data and will contact you with set weeks when enough registrations are received.

 Call for more details 1 855 878 4588


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