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Welcoming You


ParadiseMatch Welcomes You

While our Guest at, your every need is attended to by our dedicated staff and all activities are overseen by our Host.  The goal of our staff is to ensure that you have the highest quality luxury holiday all day, every day, all week long.  From the moment we pick you up at the airport to our farewell bon voyage send off, we strive to make your holiday special, unique and unforgettable!

Waiting for you in each villa room, you will discover a gift basket full of souvenirs and accessories.  These items, such as monogrammed bathrobes, beach towels and champagne glasses, are for use during your visit.  They serve as a great reminder of your experience with and are yours to take home!  No room in your suitcase?  No will pack and ship these items anywhere in the world for you at no additional cost!


All female guests receive a FREE makeover--hair and makeup--either to start the week or prior to departure...your choice!