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Compare has NO competition as we are the only vacation operator -- anywhere in the world -- to offer all inclusive, gold standard holiday packages combined with match making!  Nonetheless, to put things in proper perspective, it should be noted that seven nights at the nearby Ritz-Carlton or Caneel Bay Resorts, would cost $7,000 or more for merely a room with an ocean view.

Add to that the exclusivity and privacy found at our luxurious villas, the personal butler/bartender at your disposal, all of the world class ocean views, food, drinks and top drawer private excursions and organized activities, the "at the villa" variety of entertainment, free makeover for all women, our classy souvenirs and shopping, and all of the on-the-spot transportation....and that number could easily double per person!

As you can see, our "Adult Match Camps" are carefully calculated to maximize your holiday dollar and still pamper you at the highest level. And without a doubt, we are fortunate to host a classy bunch of fun loving, congenial, intelligent guests; this is not a vacation for the ordinary tourist!

And let's not forget the huge bonus you receive that NO OTHER resort or hotel can offer....the strong chance of finding love and romance!  How does one quantify our most important bonus feature?  Priceless!


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