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“If takes you to the same beautiful places they took us, then you are in for fun, adventure and relaxation!  I really enjoyed the snorkeling, diving, sailing, and poolside cocktail lounging.  We sampled a fun variety of outstanding food and the service was excellent.  The water is so Caribbean blue!” ~ Anette Nelson, guest of test week

From Anette's entry on's Facebook page:


"Captain Mark (Captain Romance) sure knows how to show you a great time in the Caribbean! My week spent sailing on his catamaran and getting the island tour of this beautiful paradise was absolutely fantastic. Mark took us around to the same islands offered by We visited great restaurants and beachbars (my favorite is Soggy Dollar Bar on Jost Van Dyke), we went snorkeling at amazing coral reefs, lounged by the pool, and did some adventure exploring on the islands. He even taught us how to sail! Thank you Mark for an amazing vacation in the Virgin Islands. I couldn't have asked for anything more. Thanks for taking such good care of us. You have definitely set the stage for friendship and romance in this Caribbean paradise!"








“We are looking forward to welcoming guests of into our seaside villa this season” ~ Walter & Jane Feddersen, Cabrita Cliff Haus










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“What a great idea and an incredible vacation package all in one!  The days on the fabulous yachts were our favorites and the food was out of this world!” ~ Bill & Michelle Greene, guests of test week


From Bill's entry on's Facebook page:

"Michelle and I spent a week visiting and enjoying the locations, bars, yachts, food and entertainment offered by during their test week in July…it was spectacular!  Our group all became good friends and the Virgin Islands are a wonderful place to Love Play Paradise, as their slogan says!  Having everything planned and organized with exceptional service and amenities made this a week to always remember.  We highly recommend this holiday and matchmaking experience!  Thanks Captain Romance!"





“Sail with us to the British Virgin Islands and the Soggy Dollar Bar!” ~ Catamaran yacht Kekoa, St. John









“No one knows the Virgin Islands like Captain Mark.  We experienced really fun beach bars and met interesting locals when sailing the yachts around the islands. My favorites were the Willy T and The Top of the Baths.  The entertainment was amazing and everyone agrees that we will book with him again, for the third time, as soon as possible!”

Nancy Plunket, 2011 and 2012

“Captain Mark is the best of the best captains ever!  From sun up to bed time there was never a dull moment.  One day we were pirates and another we felt like we were in France.  Wait until you party at White Bay!  The variety of guests makes this experience special, and everyone can’t wait until next year.”

David Stuedell, 2011 and 20112

“We hired Mark twice to lead us around two different island nations and were impressed with the perfect scheduling and thoughtful contrasting of very special places over the course of a memorable week.  A true professional, he and his crew always put our interests first!” 

Mark Johnson,, 2011 and 2012

“I had some special requests for my week with Captain Mark and not only were they all fulfilled, but some surprises were waiting for us that you had to see to believe!  I will never forget The Indians and The Bubbly Pool!  Thanks for a great time and souvenirs!”

Karen Burns, 2011 and 2012

“Staying in the amazing villas with incredible views and with first class service and sharing all of this with a great group of new friends is the best vacation I could possibly imagine!  And the yacht trips are were smooth with great meals and scenery.  This is the best vacation concept ever!”

Robin Fink, 2012, guest of test week